Reactive Interviews  

The Reactive Interviews are a collection of interviews still in progress, exploring creative writing on the internet. Although there is not necessarily a set number of questions for each interview there are some inter-connecting points. At this stage the interviews are still in their original state. The questions have been included so that you can interpret the answers for yourself. A short essay will eventually be added giving an overview of some of the ideas but at the moment the research material is being made available to everyone.

If anyone has any comments on the layout of the interviews or if they want to argue one of the points made feel free to get in contact with the editor of these pages. In the future these comments and ideas will be added so the interviews do not remain static.

Anyway, that's more than enough for now, let the writers speak for themselves. Below is a list of interviews to choose from.

    Geoff Ryman author of 253 explores the posibilities of traveling through a new hypertext universe.

    Christopher Werby takes time out to tell us about 'The Company Therapist' a collaborative Hyperdrama launched August 1996.

    Jayne Loader, the creative genius behind the 'WWWench', chats to us about her work in hypertext and her future projects.

    Gavin Inglis talks about hypertext fiction and exploring the mysterious depths of an old house in 'Under the Ashes'.

    Walter Sorrells talks about re-shaping the classic crime novel into an interactive hypertext experience in 'The Heist.'

    David Benson webmaster and contributing author to the NDT (No Dead Trees) Interactive Novel talks about writing, the 'Interactive Novel', and life along the way.

    Charles Deemer author of the Hyperdrama 'Chateau de Mort' talks about the future of hypertext hyperdrama and queries whether hyperfiction has a future at all.

    Rick Pryll Author of 'Lies'.

    Mark Fennell, author of 'Faith the Cat', gives us the benefit of his experience. He talks about hypertext, writing, and......toilets?

    Watch this space for more interviews currently under construction.

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